A little bit about our journey

It all began in 2006, when I first started travelling the world. At that time, my goal was to explore different cultures and learn new things. Little did I know that this passion for exploring would soon turn into something much more meaningful.

I discovered a love of seeking out health-boosting ingredients from around the globe. Everywhere I went, I sampled local nuts, seeds and powders - any natural product with potential benefits that caught my eye! On returning home, I began experimenting with these ingredients to create nutritious smoothies and porridge bowls.

What started as a hobby turned into product development.

So in 2022, after sixteen years of travelling the world collecting amazing produce along the way, Earths Basket was born! Now people can benefit from all of those amazing ingredients without having to travel across continents themselves - it's really quite incredible!

Not only do we source products from multiple countries around the globe but we also pride ourselves on making sure our customers get exactly what they need.

Whether it be boosting energy levels or maintaining a healthy lifestyle 

- Earths Basket has you covered!




At Earths Basket, we are committed to only sourcing sustainable ingredients. We partner with producers and suppliers that ensure all of our ingredients are sourced from sustainable and ethically-farmed sources. This allows us to provide the highest quality ingredients to our customers, while also helping to protect the environment and the sustainability of the producers. Our Products are Organic & Vegan certified.



We Value our Customers

Our Customers come first. They are very important to us. We strive to satisfy our customers expectations and experience every time they shop with us! We will even go an extra mile to exceed their expectations.

We Respect our Partners

Our partners/suppliers are our associates in meeting our customers needs. We treat our Partners/suppliers with respect, fairness & integrity.

We Grow together

Success of Earths Basket is a team effort.

We recognise efforts and contributions of our team members.

We Care about Mother Earth

We care about our planet and every being on the planet. We pledge to donate 5% of our profits towards social and environmental causes

Your Goals, Our Expertise

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Certification applies to Organic and Vegan products only.